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Peaches N’ Cream N’ The Fabric Store

For those of you who grew up in the 80’s like me, you might remember a special Barbie Doll that made her debut wearing a floor length ruffled gown in a gorgeous shade of peach. The dress had a white sparkly bodice with sheer layers of polyester that cascaded into a wave of gathers at her feet, and a long, peach […]

Bees on a Dress

This is a dress from deep in the vault! I made it in late summer of last year and never photographed it, although I’ve worn it a bunch, but the timing seems right to share it now after last week’s blog post about a pattern that I had to work really really hard to make right for […]

Working Some Seamwork

I was on the fence about sharing this project on the blog because I made so many adjustments and changes to the pattern that it seemed a little unfair to put it, the Catarina Dress, and my final garment in the same category. Maybe if I had gone into the project with the intention of hacking it, I […]

Gertie’s Boat-Neck Dress: A Hack

  When I saw this grid fabric at The Fabric Store a few months ago, I could not pass it up, although I had absolutely no idea what I was going to make from it. I have mostly gotten out of the habit of buying fabric without specific plans in store, but every once in […]

Turia Dungarees, aka Stripey Overalls

I made these overalls a couple of months ago when I was in the middle of a jeans-making blackout, and they came out SO much better than I anticipated. I knew construction would be a breeze, having made several pairs of jeans by this point (I have yet to write a post on the latest Morgan Jeans […]

Love for The Fabric Store with a Liberty Make

After Claire and I moved to LA from Vancouver a few years ago, my sewing habit accelerated tremendously. There were plenty of reasons for this, but a big one was The Fabric Store. Based out of Australia, their LA store opening coincided with our arrival to the city, and walking through it’s doors was a revelation. My […]


It’s been a few years since I was a series regular on a TV show, which brought the responsibility of attending lots of promotional and red carpet events as part of the job. Initially they were fun and exciting, but it didn’t take long for the red carpet to feel like a chore, namely because of the unspoken […]

Sallie Maxi Meets The Hamburglar

  Last year I bought a knit-fix grab bag from Girl Charlee for the first time, and I haven’t bought another one because I still haven’t made my way through it! Inside there were 6 separate cuts of knit fabric, about 2 yards each, and I thought I would blow through it fast, but instead I […]

Constellation Quilt

I saw the pattern for this quilt on Cashmerette’s instagram last year and immediately wanted to know more. I looked up the company that makes the quilt patterns, Haptic Labs, and saw that they have lots of different designs, from maps of neighborhoods and cities to bodies of water to constellations in the sky. I […]

A Blood Orange Denver Dress

Posting about this dress seems like a bit of a cheat because I haven’t actually worn it out of the house yet. (Which may or may not be a trend with me lately, but I’m not gonna sit here and judge myself!) This is one of those wardrobe pieces that works in LA for a […]