My name is Jasika.

Most of the visitors to this site are here because they have seen my work in film and TV, but before I was ever recognizable for being an actor, I had a website, this website, to accompany me on my journey; a website dedicated to sharing my original artwork with anyone who was interested in seeing it. This site has had many incarnations, designed and maintained over the past 10 years by a continuous cycle of friends, students, professionals, and now, myself.

This website has promoted me through terrible Off-Off-Off Broadway productions as well as a couple of good ones. At one time it gave me a platform to sell homemade second-rate prints of my artwork when I needed to make money, prints that have since morphed themselves onto polished eco-conscious handbags made in a factory for mass consumption. It has followed me from New York City to Canada to Los Angeles. It has seen me fail a lot and succeed enough. But most importantly it has housed all the dreams I have ever had in the spirit of the drawings I have made, the plays I have performed, the stories I have told, the art that I have created.

Full circle.