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sewing, drawing, building furniture, knitting, baking, singing the praises of peanut butter, fabric, pencils, fighting for the rights of LGBTQIA and PoC communities, vintage clothing, making comics, Hearst Castle, and the color mint green.

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Man Carly Went From Being Arguably The Fandoms

Man, Carly went from being arguably the fandom's most hated character (with Lea close in second place) to getting SOOO much love in the past week because she got dumped. You can't stand to see her happy and doing well but suddenly appreciate her to no end when she gets… [more]

I know I said "that's it" but there's more (race and The Good Doctor)


Originally, I was really happy they started exploring a romantic relationship for Shaun on The Good Doctor, and the challenges navigating one entails. I was especially impressed that they chose a Black/biracial woman as the love interest. They did a great job, at first, of building a relationship with… [more]